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Infectious Disease Lecture


Title(s) & Instructor(s):

Infectious Disease; Michael Stevens, DPM

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Total Length:

36 minutes

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Once you have purchased the lecture(s), you will have 30 days to view them and take the associated quiz to earn the appropriate CE Contact Hours and print your CE Contact Hour certificate. After 30 days, access to the purchased lecture(s) is removed and you will not be able to view the video or print your CE Contact Hour certificate.

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  • Mac or Windows PC with High Speed Internet Connection
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If you are unsure of your device’s operating system or web browser version, Google your device name and “how to find browser version/operating system”

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Quiz Information:

Once you have viewedeach lecture, you will be required to take a quiz that will validate that you have in fact watched the lecture. The quiz will be 5 multiple choice or true/false questions and is untimed. After you successfully complete the quiz (60% passing rate), you will immediately be able to view your CE Contact Hour certificate and print it. At the bottom of the page on which you view a lecture is a link to an evaluation for the lecture. Access to the page containing the CE Contact Hour certificate(s) ends after 30 days from the time of the purchase and reprints of certificates required after this time period are $15 each, plus a one-time $50 administrative fee.

Instructor Bio(s):

Stevens Bio: FACFAS; Diplomate, American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery; Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Medicine.

Instructor Disclosure(s):

No relationships to disclose

Lecture Objectives:

At the conclusion of this lecture, the attendee shall be able to:
1) Differentiate between the most common types and manifestations of superficial and deep infections

2) Develop a treatment plan for infections of skin and soft tissue

3) Utilize a basic evaluation for Tuberculosis, AIDS, Sarcoidosis and other infections and their treatment


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If you are viewing the videos as part of your purchase of the Recert Prep Course, you will have access to the videos and lecture certificates until February 28.

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